Big Boi, 1/2 of Outkast, is pursuing his solo career while Andre 3000 shies away from the limelight (somewhat). He's on his second solo album, Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors, which is scheduled to drop on December 11th after a slight delay. 

Big Boi chopped it up with Hot 97's Paul Rosenberg, Cipha Sounds and more, and discussed his upcoming solo LP as well as his other half, Andre 3000, and whether or not the two will ever reunite for another Outkast album.

While talking about Three Stacks, his feature on T.I.'s song was brought up, and although the song hasn't been heard by many, Big Boi has been privy to it. On Andre's verse, he apparently apologizes for being the weird dude that he is, and turning down a bunch of Outkast shows. Although Big Boi was first confused about what exactly he was apologizing for, afterwards he says it's understandable and there seems to be no bad blood between the two.

"I heard it," Big Boi said of T.I.'s record, "Apologize for turning down a million dollars a night," the rapper says of Andre, and then he continues, "he didn't wanna perform no more, but I mean, that's all understandable...To me, the whole thing about the performance thing is, I knew the fans wanted to see us do the songs together, you feel me? But I been touring like, I never stopped touring, I'm on my second solo record."

As for if or when we'll get another Outkast album, Big Boi says whenever Andre 3000 is ready, it'll go down. "It's whatever man, whenever Dre's ready to do it, and I'm not on tour, like, let's go. Fasho."