For those appreciative of their hip-hop history, this news may very well brighten your day. At the very least, it may elicit a fleeting grin. As it happens, the legendary Big-Boi, whom you might recognize as one of the game's most slept-on lyricists and one half of the mighty OutKast, has recently secured a new piece of ATL property - "The Dungeon" itself, where the Dungeon Family once recorded their formative music. The house, which originally belonged to producer Rico Wade's mother, featured a studio in the basement, which was ultimately where "The Dungeon" moniker emerged. 

In a recent clip, Big Boi confirmed that he recently purchased the property; it was pointed out in the comments that Wade's mother had switched homes, selling the iconic Atlantic landmark to another woman. Confirming the newfound ownership, Big Boi announces that "the Dungeon Family now owns the Dungeon." He proceeds to shout out Organized Noize, Goodie Mob, Big Rube, EJ, and Backbone. "We own this bitch," he confirms, prompting hope that some new music may be cooked up as a result. After all, what better to spur on a get-together than a return to old stomping grounds?