Although the musical output from Andre 3000 is lacking, from the other 1/2 of Outkast, Big Boi, it's quite the opposite. The always-working rapper released a solo LP in 2012, Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors, and he's already back at work for a follow-up effort. This may not be what Outkast fans want to hear, but an Outkast reunion has been definitely put on the back-burner, at least from Andre's point of view (Big Boi, on the other hand, shows his enthusiasm to get back at it with Andre, as he hops on songs featuring his fellow ATLien).

While talking to Hardknock TV, Big Boi revealed that he's already done about 9-10 songs for his next album, and he's accumulating ideas.

"Yeah, yeah I'm about 9-10 songs in. I've been a promo run for a minute now, so I'm stacking songs up and ideas," Sir Lucious Left Foot said.

Daddy Fat Stax also revealed he has two remixes in the works, one for his single "Mama Told Me," and one for his ode to Atlanta, "In The A." "We putting together a couple remixes, I got the 'Mama Told Me' Organized Noise remix coming. I'm also doing a remix to 'In The A' too, I already got beats and stuff for that, so when I finish shooting these videos and get back in Atlanta I'll probably get back in the studio and get it tapped out."

Check out his full interview below, where he discusses working with Kate Upton for a commercial, what current topics he thinks should be discussed and more.