While it seems we're mainly waiting for Andre 3000 to be ready to get another Outkast album, as Big Boi put it, it would have been nice to at least see a feature from Three Stacks on Big Boi's solo effort.

In a recent interview with the Village Voice Big Boi spoke on why there is no feature from his fellow ATLien on his new album Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors, due out December 11th. Apparently, Andre 3000 was just too busy to record a verse for Sir Lucious Left Foot.

Check out the excerpt below to see what Big Boi says about the lack of the "Hey Ya" rapper.

So lets talk label bullshit. Last album Laface was fronting on clearing Andre 3000. Is that still the case?
"No, that's all cleared up now. He could've been on any song he wanted to. I gave the motherfucker about 5 songs, but I guess he was just too busy. He said he had to do some Gillette shit [room erupts in laughter]. No for real. He said he had some contractual obligations."

Check out the full interview here, where he talks more about features on the album, and turning down acting jobs (in particular a role on "Sons Of Anarchy") to focus on his music.