Big Boi was a guest on RapRadar's latest podcast, and shed some insight as to what is currently inspiring him, throwing his rapping partner Andre 3000 into the mix as well. 

The majority of the podcast focused on some story-telling from Big Boi (among the stories: a random adventure with B. Dot in Atlanta, Outkast attempting to get signed to Jermaine Dupri back in the day, Big Boi's grandma titling his Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors album, and more), with a bit of talk about his new collaborative album with Phantograms, Big Grams. However as the podcast came to a close, Elliott Wilson and B.Dot ask Big Boi what currently inspires him, and thinking about it for a minute, Big Boi says, "I like um...I know 'Dre really like that Young Thug, I like Young Thug, Thug got melody though. Thug talented too." There you go, for all the Young Thug naysayers, he's Outkast-approved.

Big Boi added, "T.I., I love what he doing." 

You can check out the full 56-minute episode here.