Big Boi released a solo album today, Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors. Fresh off his album release show last night, he kept his energy going til early this morning in order to visit Power 105's The Breakfast Club. The 1/2 of Outkast spoke on the brand new album, Andre 3000, changes in the rap game, Future and more.

Big Boi explained the origins of his album title, and revealed it is actually the title of his grandmother's would-be book. "Definitely came from my grandmother, it was gunna be the title of her book," he explained, "She passed away about this time last year, and she said if she ever did a book, it was gunna mess everybody up with in the family, but she never got a chance to do it, so it's really a search for the truth, in honor of her."

Many fans noticed a ton of dope features on Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors, however, one feature which was obviously lacking was one with his ATLien brother, Andre 3000. Big Boi had touched on this jokingly before, but while talking to The Breakfast Club he said, "once you been making songs so many years together, we don't have to make songs together just like that, all the time. We got a catalog of nothing but hits. I think it turned out just right without him."

While many rappers aren't able to keep up with the constantly changing atmosphere of hip-hop, Big Boi is one that has remained strong and on top of his game. This is because he recognizes the changes of rap, and the influences of the Digital Age. "It ain't about who can rap the best no more, it's all about who can make the best jam." While he sees no problem with this, he added, "I like to make music a different type of way."

This "different type of way" is definitely unique, and often very lyrical. This lyrical ability is something Big Boi shares with the other half of Outkast, as well as other Dungeon Family affiliates. However, one Dungeon Family associate who is now getting quite a bit of shine in rap is Future. Although Future is not considered to be a lyricist, Big Boi had nothing but praise for the ATL rapper. He also revealed that an alternate version of "In The A" featured the aforementioned rapper.

Of Future, Big Boi said, "everybody got they own thing, he dope in his own way. He say some slick stuff you just gotta listen to him. I think he's more a melodic guy, I mean he's a songwriter." He added, "I got a version of "In The A" with him."

Cop Big Boi's new album on iTunes, and check out the lyrics for the entire project here.

Peep The Breakfast Club interview in full below.