The success of "Straight Outta Compton" has proved the commercial viability of rap biopics and sparked public (and private) interest in biopics about Master P, Tha Dogg Pound, Death Row Records, the Wu-Tang Clan. The latest -- a possible Outkast biopic.

Big Boi recently took part in a Reddit AMA with Phantogram to promote their upcoming EP Big Grams. When asked by a fan if there was any possibility of an Outkast biopic, he responded: "Me and 'Dre were just discussing this over Labor Day. Stay tuned."

Big Boi also shared his reaction to Key and Peele's "Outkast reunion" sketch, saying that him and Andre are on good terms: "It was funny but it was way off. Anybody who follows me on my social media accounts knows that we have been hanging out all summer with our children. We've been going paintballing and had a good personal summer of brotherhood. We've been doing music so long together that we're just getting back to the friendship. The sketch was funny though."

Though Outkast has played some festivals in the past couple years, they haven't put out any music together since Idlewild in 2006. A biopic would be an acceptable alternative to another album. Who would you want to see play Andre? What about Big Boi?