Consumers who plunked down $200 for Lonzo Ball's Big Baller Brand ZO2.19 sneaker back in October will now have to wait until May before their kicks arrive.

According to ESPN's Nick DePaula, Big Baller Brand sent out an email earlier that reads in part:

"This email is to inform you that during the Performance Test Wear Stage of the Zo2.19, we've decided to improve the critical foam used in the midsole. This enhancement will allow for a better performing shoe at a Pro Level, and will enable you to enjoy the quality and craftsmanship of the Zo2.19 for everyday fashion."

As a result of Big Baller Brand's "critical foam" issue, the ZO2.19 release has been pushed from "early 2019" to May 2019.

According to Big Baller Brand, the ZO2.19 boasts the following qualities:

"The ZO2.19 uses genuine full grain nappa leather & ultra soft genuine suede usually reserved for luxury sneakers & accessories"

"ZO2.19 revolutionary foam has 40% more rebound than standard EVA foam. The ZO2.19 rides lower for better feel and stability while still providing incredible impact protection"

"The outside of ZO2.19 has an outrigger with a small radius to give maximum stability during quick cuts, the inside has a much larger radius so you can smoothly drag your opposite foot when cutting without catching an edge"

(Image Via Slam)