Bhad Bhabie's not shy of controversy or beef. For a matter of fact, her career jumped off from confrontation. While she's strayed away (kinda) of beef in light of her relatively successful music career, she's proved to still be willing to handle any sort of issues that come her way. Over the weekend, footage of Bhad Bhabie getting into a physical confrontation with Whoa Vicky surfaced. While there's yet to be much details about what actually led to the beef, Whoa Vicky's been antagonizing Bhad Bhabie for months so there was already friction. However, Bhad Bhabie took to Twitter today to share what exactly sparked the beef.

Bhad Bhabie hit Twitter to speak her peace on what led to her fight with Whoa Vicky and Lil Tay. She explained that she doesn't go around "picking fight with irrelevant bitches" and that in actuality, Whoa Vicky and Lil Tay allegedly used a racial slur towards her friend which prompted her to retaliate.

"just an fyi - i don't be running around picking fights w irrelevant biches. That girl n da other 9 year old called my best friend a "dumb n*****"." She wrote on Twitter, "i don't stand for racial bullshit like that... shit it's 2018 n they're some ignorant biches out here that need to learn."

We'll see how this all unravels but from Bhad Bhabie's Twitter replies, it seems like she's gaining some new fans for her actions.