Once you see the video with your own eyes, you'll understand why Bhad Bhadie went the negative route, it's not as if she broached the subject of Iggy Azalea without some insistence from the media. Let me break it down. Bhad Bhabie is in Australia doing a mini-tour, her next stop in Melbourne on the 12th FYI. So naturally, the teen-rapper has made a few media appearances along the way, including this Q&A session where she was asked to name her least favorite celebrity. 

So at this point, Bhad Bhabie, looks the ground, but the members of the press aren't letting up. They start yelling Iggy's over and over, so as to steer the conversation in that direction. Of course, Bhad Bhabie never one to deflect a quotable moment, didn't stand aghast for too long.

As you'll see in the video provided right here, she mutters, "that's not even really a celebrity," at the mere suggestion Iggy Azalea fit the criteria, prompting plenty of "oohs" and "ahhs" from a local crowd ready to claim her as their own (cultural import). But

And that wasn't even worst of it; Bhad Bhabie resorted to calling her "THAT" instead of using a personal pronoun. Its during precious moment likes this where Bhad Bhabie pulls her weight in this C-level feud. Check out the "fire-starting" moment down below: a drink toss even Snoop Dogg qualified as a G move.