During Joe Rogan's conversation with Tony Hinchcliffe on a recent episode of his podcast, the two got to talking about Bhad Bhabie, the teenage phenomenon that started off as a meme and ended up as a millionaire. The two entertainers noted that the 16-year-old's mixtape is actually pretty solid, which garnered a response from the rapper. She went on to thank them, but then attempted to insult Rogan by trashing Knocked Up. Unfortunately, the diss was ineffective because... well... Joe Rogan had nothing to do with the creation of that film. That was Seth Rogen. Prior to that snafu, the teenager was in headlines for her box braids, getting called out by black women for allegedly copying their hairstyle. It's not the first time Bhad Bhabie has been accused of cultural appropriation and, this time, she's got a response for all of her critics.


Taking to social media, the young star recorded a quick video of herself, showing just how she feels when she's told that people think she's "tryna act black." Giving some serious side-eye to the camera, Bhabie rolled her eyes and ended things there, clearly finding the accusations ridiculous. 

Because of the way that she speaks and her style, cultural appropriation allegations will follow Bhad Bhabie around for years. It's just something that she'll need to deal with. Are you on her side or do you think she should just quiet down?