Known best for her "Cash Me Outside" line while visiting Dr. Phil a few years back, Danielle Bregoli has come a long way since her catch phrase has since gone viral.

The 14-year-old is now a rapper who has clearly been making a decent amount of money since she paid off her mom's mortgage for Christmas - estimated at around $65,000.

The reasons behind her Dr. Phil visit are still very much present since she has enlisted Tiger Woods' lawyer, Doug Duncan, to get her out of some legal issues. TMZ reports that both Doug and lawyer Scott Richardson will assist Danielle in clearing her name for a past offence of stealing her mom's car and purse. 

Back in May, Danielle received a five-year probation for pleading guilty to two counts of grand theft among other things. Her plead resulted in a curfew that made it mandatory for her to have a parent with her after 5 PM.

The publication details how her Thursday court visit resulted in the judge granting one of her managers be her guardian so she can spend more time in the studio. Danielle's last single release was "Mama Don't Worry" that hears her singing about getting a bunch of money after doing "all this dirt."