The 15-year-old Bhad Bhabie has come a long way from being the "cash me outside girl" from dr. Phil. Ever since she translated what was basically a meme into a full-on song, doubters have abounded (and with good reason), criticizing her as just another reality-TV star, clout-chasing her way to the top. But, say what you will about her, she's still here. She's got a song with Tory Lanez, a few good lines with references that date before her time ("gotta keep the nine like Rondo") and now, the beginnings of a Kardashian fortune.

Last week she signed a $900,000 deal with a company called Copy-Cat Cosmetics. She will promote their products on her social media and in her music videos (like she does above) and apparently, the day the news of the deal broke, the company made $500,000 in sales and also got 500,000 visits on their website. Not bad considering they paid Bhad Bhabie only $900,000 for six months of promotion. There's also speculation that she could get her own line of cosmetics.

When asked if she's coming for Kylie Jenner she simply said, "I'm just doing my own thing, if it gets bigger than other people, it gets bigger than other people."