NOLA rapper and former Hot Boy B.G. was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison back for gun possession and witness tampering in 2012, but his son, Jet Life rapper T.Y., suggests he'll be home a lot sooner than expected.

"His time was shortened. He’s coming home like within probably this year,” T.Y. said in an interview with DJ Smallz. "If not this year, next year for sure, but we shooting for this year, you feel me? Cause he been telling me all kinds of good shit."

He went on to explain that B.G. has been through a few different facilities over the last little while, sometimes making it very difficult for the two to communicate. "When he was in Pennsylvania, that was like the worst jail," he said. "Since he got out that motherfucker everything's been a lot better. During that time it was rough on him bro, but he's doin' good now."

While it's been hard to stay in touch at times, T.Y. suggests he's always made an effort to speak to his father even if he had to resort to writing. "We was just communicating through letters," he recalled. "And that shit don't be moving like how you would think cause that shit takes days to get to you. That shit be crazy, but we talked as much as we could."

Here's hoping B.G. is home sooner than later. T.Y. just released a collaborative project with Curren$y and Corner Boy P called Jetlanta. Listen to it here.