There are few artists who have the natural talent that Beyoncé possesses. The singer can seemingly hit any note she wants to, flexing impressive range and notable stage presence. She is easily considered one of the greatest of all time and when coupled with her husband Jay-Z, they make up one of the most powerful duos in the industry. There will always be rumors regarding her upcoming musical works as it was shortly speculated that she was working on an album with Kelly Rowland. That ended up being false but hopefully, we receive some new music from Bey sometime soon. Her mother's Instagram feed is usually pretty entertaining and Tina Lawson came through once again, sharing a precious video of five-year-old Beyoncé performing at home.

For those that don't feel like shelling out hundreds of dollars to see the superstar live in concert, this might be the closest you'll ever get. The little girl likely had no clue who she would grow up to become as she sang next to her cousin. "Beyoncé's my name and/ Love is my game/ So take a sip of my potion/ And do it in slow motion," sings the five-year-old for the camera. Clearly, she was destined for this life. She's a natural on stage as she claps her hands to the beat and commands the full attention of her audience.

It's also crazy to think how much Blue Ivy looks like her mother. It's always been apparent how much she resembles her father but in this video, a younger Bey looks just like her daughter.