Jay Z and Beyonce's On The Run Tour 2 came to an end on October 4th in Seattle and in light of the "happy and sad" moment Matthew Knowles rounded up a bouquet of 12 red roses and surprised his daughter backstage. "I sat in the dressing room area, she didn't know I was out there and Tina was out there and some other folks were out there," he says in the video below. 

"Beyonce came out and there I was and she gave me this huge, huge hug that only daughters can give to their dads."

Matthew further explains how he and Beyonce's mom have only ever been on good terms and it was important for Beyonce to snap a photo of her mom and dad coming together, as seen below. "We've never been enemies, I've always had nothing but positive words for Tina."

Beyonce shared a few special notes to her crews and everyone involved in her tour, but most importantly her husband, Jay Z. "To Shawn Carter, my Clyde, my best friend: this journey on OTR2 has been a highlight of my life," she wrote. "Thank you for every moment. I’ll be your hype man any day! To the Hive and all the fans who supported OTR2, cheers to you and I. Salud!