Beyonce's BeyGOOD platform is an initiative started by the songstress in the hopes of implementing social change through the lives of women, globally. If you didn't know, March happens to be 'Women's History Month,' where the onus is on retracing developments in social history through the eyes and acting words of women. To honor such occasion, luxury brand Gucci has pledged $1 Million to help with the coordination of massive human aide project tabled by Beyonce and her team of philanthropists. 

Beyonce unveiled plans for the BeyGOOD 4 Burundi, in July of last year. The nation of Burundi is currently plagued by a shortage of clean drinking water, nearly half the nation have no access whatsoever. The initiative hopes to also teach basic hygienic practices in a effort to curb disease and malnutrition in the East African country. As of this writing, the foundation has already built 35 wells in the country alone. Gucci's donation comes in the way of their CHIME FOR CHANGE initiative, founded in 2013 as a treatise meant to "convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for girls and women around the world."

You can read about the campaign here. The website offers an easy-to-read description of the situation in Burundi, as well as a sign-up brochure, and a link for public donations.

[via Essence]