If anyone thought they could get away with spreading fake rumours about Beyonce, they had another thing coming. Bey and her husband Jay Z just finished up the European leg of their On The Run Tour II and for their first stop back in North America, Bey decided to playfully let her fans know that she's not with child. 

If you can remember, people really thought she was expecting after some shots of her stage performances made it seem as if she was pregnant. No one took a moment to realize that on her off days she was on yachts in Italy and dining out almost every night eating the best food the country could offer - but still, they had to go with her being pregnant.

During a recent concert, Beyonce's "Flawless" track came on and the singer made a point to tell the crowd that "flaws make you beautiful." After singing "I Woke Up Like This" she patted her tummy and made a point to show off her curvy assets. 

Case in point: let a girl live. Check out the clip below.