Beyonce caused a little stir when the public found out she would be featured on the cover of Vogue Magazine for the publication's coveted September issue. It was originally reported that the singer would have complete creative control over the cover as well as the editorial material. Although Mrs. Carter's shoot was actually imagined by Raul Martinez, the visuals of her behind the scenes video of the shoot were definitely edited to her liking.

The clip's esthetic has a vintage flair, similar to some of the home videos Beyonce had previously shared with her fans. A faded glow filters every image and some shots are framed in a way that mimics actual film.

Her kids steal the show at times, running and playing outside. At another moment, the singer holds her youngest in between takes. The intimacy Beyonce offers is solely visual, which contrasts Rihanna exclusive footage. The action plays along to Curtis Mayfield's classic song entitled, "The Makings Of You." The soundtrack fits into the aesthetic theme perfectly.

The video was directed by Tyrell Mitchel, the 23-year-old photographer who was hired by Vogue to shoot the cover that featured Beyonce. His participation was a historical moment and a surefire way to catapult his imminent success.