With only 8 shows remaining, the end of the On The Run II tour is quickly approaching. In their latest tour stop, Beyonce and Jay Z  stopped by Beyonce's hometown of Houston, Texas. Ever the proud Hustonian, Beyonce took the 'gram to post a quick video reminding her followers that she was ready to represent her city, captioning the post "8 more shows. H-Town round 2. I put it down for the (713)." 

Fans of the artist might know that she grew up in one of six historic wards in the city, the Third Ward. Over the course of its development, the Third Ward became a central part of Houston's African-American community. Beyonce's childhood home is often visited by Houston natives and visitors alike, each hoping to get a glimpse at how Bey spent the first few years of her life. The current owner of the home, a woman named Roslyn Bazzelle Mitchel told Fox26 that her family often gets visitors at all times of the day, even getting inquiries about whether the home is a museum.

Mitchel had the opportunity to meet Beyonce at a charity function in Los Angeles earlier this year and shared in an endearing conversation with the musician. "I said, 'Hi Beyonce i'm Roslyn, and I live in your childhood home on Parkwood. She turned around, and she said, 'Oh my goodness i have always wanted to ring the doorbell. My sister told me she came by and there's a nice black family who lived in the house, so we are really happy about that.'" 

Have a look at some of the posts below to see Beyonce's return to her hometown.