Beyoncé has remained rather silent since her much-talked about performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner" at President Obama's inauguration last week. While other artists have come to the defense of the The R&B legend, who was revealed to have lip-synced the performance, Bey has kept her lips tight. However, as of Saturday night, Beyoncé seems to have made her first statement on the controversy, veiled as it might be.

Last night, Beyoncé posted a photo to Instagram, depicting the star wearing a shirt displaying the caption "Can I Live"? The phrase, which comes from a track off her husband, Jay-Z's classic album, Reasonable Doubt, appears to be a response to the criticism she's received since the performance.

While it's possible the photo is nothing more than a means to pay homage to her husband, it serves as a tasteful approach to telling her critics to back off.

View the photo below.