Last month, Kehlaniannounced the arrival of her bundle of joy, Adeya. The songstress shared a lovely Instagram post and related caption while also keeping the baby's appearance private. Relatedly, back in October of last year, the "Wanna Be" singer announced her pregnancy via her social media account as well. The surprise post was received with a slew of positive comments, mirroring love and support for the singer through her 9-month journey. With the baby now here, Kehlani is fully taking on her mommy duties and so with joy.

Most recently, the 24-year old singer shared thrilling news. Upon her return home, the starlet was stunned to find a gifted box in her name waiting patiently. And Kehlani was even more ecstatic to find out the gift came from no other than Queen Beyonce, herself. The star ran to social media to share her excitement. In a tweet, she states: "I just came home to a single shirt in the mail from Beyonce that says mother down the back nobody talk to me or my avocado-print swaddled daughter." 

It is nice to see such a kind gesture. Indeed, a thoughtful gift from an amazing mother to another.