This "Who Bit Beyonce" drama may as well be put to rest because Beyonce isn't telling who did it. After Tiffany Haddish revealed more on her time partying with the Queen, detailing how somebody bit Beyonce in the face, everyone started guessing who the culprit was. 

First, it was Sanaa Lathan and then Lena Dunham - who have both denied it - followed by a list of suspects where people think it could have been Jennifer Lawrence, Queen Latifah, Amy Schumer or even Lindsay Lohan.

“She thinks it’s sweet people are so concerned, but also doesn’t want to make life hard for the person that did it,” a source close to Bey tells US Weekly. “Beyoncé’s team is being contacted by almost everyone they’ve ever met! They are getting texts and calls asking, ‘Were you there? What did you see? Have you heard anything?’ It’s pretty insane for anyone that works with Beyoncé.”

If there's one person aside from Beyonce and Tiffany that does know who it is, it's Chrissy Teigen but she's not telling either. TMZ caught up with John Legend's wife recently where she said she loves "everyone involved" too much to tell who it is - admitting that she'll take it to the grave.