Beyonce and Jay Z began their On The Run 2 tour on June 6th and the exceptional event has taken them all over the damn world. We've seen photos and videos of them in Rome, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona and even U.S. cities like Chicago, New York and Beyonce's home state of Texas. But something about the husband and wife's recent stop in Vancouver has something special to it. 

Being as it's the couples second to last tour stop (October 4th will see them in Seattle) it seems as though they've saved the best for last. Beyonce uploaded a trio of images to her Instagram and the songstress looks like a literal star in a silver bodysuit and matching cape and boots. "Vancouver, I am grateful to be in such a beautiful place! 2 more shows, let’s go get ‘em!," she captioned a video.

"I think it’s important for women and men to see and appreciate the beauty in their natural bodies," Beyonce said in her recent Vogue September issue. "To this day my arms, shoulders, breasts, and thighs are fuller. I have a little mommy pouch, and I’m in no rush to get rid of it. I think it’s real."