Last week, we posted a series of photos of Beyonce and Jay-Z's anniversary trip to Cuba, and everything seemed well and good. But it seems anti-Castro activists in the country are outraged by the celebrity appearance, claiming that the couple were special guests of the Castro family, which they feel advocates "apartheid, racism, communism, and open use of violence against its citizens." Jay and Bey's personal bodyguards were arranged by the government, and they were provided with luxury and comfort that the activists claim would never be available to regular Cuban citizens. 

From the anti-Castro blog Babalú: "[They are] VIP guests of the apartheid dictatorship of the Castro family. She [Beyonce] is enjoying the luxuries offered in Cuba only to foreigners, which is staffed by the slaves owned by the Cuban regime, the majority of which are Afro Cubans. The world has been enthralled by the stories and pictures coming out of Cuba of her and her husband strolling the streets of Havana accompanied by bodyguards and handlers from the Castro dictatorship. For the most part, there has been little to no outcry over their incredibly insensitive and idiotic decision to vacation in Cuba and provide support and publicity for a racist regime that would have imprisoned her and her outspoken husband if they had the misfortune of being born in Cuba.”

What do you think? Are Bey and Hov in the wrong here? Let us know what you think. 

Also, peep a few foreign news segments covering the couple's contested trip below: