Last night, Beyonce launched her Greenprint Project through a grassroots social media campaign. Hubby Jay-Z is hovering close behind throughout much of the initiative, as the project aims to encourage the integration of plant-based foods in our daily diet. The tradeoff is simple: try veganism for a month, provide some semblance of proof, and come away with free Beyonce x Jay-Z concert tickets.

As the project's webpage tries to explain in a naturalistic slideshow, Beyonce and Jay-Z are hoping to get some "field research" without an overreliance on the scientific community. "Explore and share your Greenprint. Plus, you can enter to win Beyoncé and Jay-Z concert tickets for life," reads.

Get this, if your Meal Plan consisting of plant-based foods stands above the rest, Beyonce is willing to part with "up to 30 years" of free tickets, should they (Bey & Jigga) make it that far as a Bonnie & Clyde act. The project, open now and running until April 22nd is looking to have a "positive impact we can have on the world by eating plant-based meals," without any statistical goals in mind.

The last time the Bey & Jay power couple promoted plant-based eating, it was far less engrossing - appearing in Marco Borges' The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, for the cookbook's prologue. For more information on the Greenprint Project check out the webpage right here.