It's essentially Christmas for the Beyhive. Earlier this week, Netflix released Homecoming, a behind-the-scenes documentary into Beyonce's historic Beychella set. Netflix is a lot more accessible than other streaming platforms but considering Beyonce's relationship with HBO over the years, many wondered why they weren't the go-to platform to air Homecoming. According to Vulture, Netflix had a bigger bag for Beyonce.

Beyonce has worked with HBO on numerous occasions in the past. The company aired Lemonade, as well as 2013 documentary Life Is But a Dream and the On the Run concert special. HBO was reportedly speaking to Beyonce about securing the rights to Homecoming but Netflix swooped in at the last minute. Apparently, Netflix offered big money for the doc and HBO couldn't justify a counter-offer. However, it's still unknown how much Netflix actually dropped for Homecoming

Netflix has previously used this approach to secure other types of music and comedy specials from some of the biggest names in entertainment. The streaming giant reportedly dropped over $20M on Springsteen On Broadway and $60M for Dave Chappelle's comedy special.

In other Beyonce-related news, the singer isn't done blessing her fans just yet. With the three year anniversary of Lemonade coming up next week, reports claim that for the first time ever, the whole album will be available on all streaming platforms next week.