Despite what was reported in the buildup to round 2 of Coachella this weekend, The Blast says that Ariane Grande and Beyonce earned the same fixed amount for the headlining performances in consecutive tourneys. Business Insider, Variety and host of other publications were quick to say Ariana's 2019 appearance garnered her twice the amount of Beyonce's $4 million payout in 2018 - a concert showing fans have dubbed "Beychella." 

We’re told the contracts for Grande and Beyoncé were structured exactly the same way—$4 million for the first weekend and another $4 million for the second," writes The Blast, whereas Billboard reported that Bey's payout was within the range of $8-12 million. Something tells me, these inciteful rumors are the work of a provocateur or a group of colluding agents.

Beyonce's recent Netflix upload focused on the "Beychella" and the sensational Michael Jackson comparisons it engendered (not to mention the tear-jerker moments wedged in-between the running-commentary). With all these conflicting reports flooding the "airwaves" it would be wise to reserve judgment until a later time. It stands to reason that a "Beychella" is nominally more valuable than an Ariana Grande concert booking, but who's to say the younger singer isn't a better negotiator. Furthermore, when financial records become public fodder, there's no circling back to previous rates.