Beyonce is the latest entertainer to be hit with accusations of cultural appropriation following her trip to India. The singer is said to have performed at a multibillionaire's daughter for her wedding. Bey came through with seemingly traditional looks for the event and caught much flack for her fashion choice.

One social media feigned politeness while asking whether Mrs. Carter's attire would constitute a form of cultural appropriation. One of the responses the user received amassed thousands of retweets: "I'm Indian and no, it's not. She's at an Indian wedding in India performing for an Indian couple did I mention it's in india? Don't speak for my culture and try to attach Beyonce for appreciating it, I see right through your big a$$ forehead."

The same social media user who penned this reply also pointed out the contrasts between the reactions Beyonce received and those that were expressed towards other celebrities who attended another high-profile wedding in India.

"To everyone saying Beyoncé is culturally appropriating: Where were y'all when white celebs wore Indian Attire to an Priyanka's wedding? Y'all didn't say anything because they're WHITE. Beyoncé was invited to an Indian Wedding and WE LOVE that she wore this. She looks BEAUTIFUL."

The bees continue to swarm, but Gary nipped this one nicely.