After Beyoncé's "Life Is But A Dream" documentary drew HBO's largest viewership for a music-oriented special since 2003, it only seemed obvious that the channel's programmers would find a way to capitalize on the diva once again.

Starting on June 29th, "Beyoncé: X10," a brand new concert-documentary series from the director of the aforementioned "Life Is But A Dream" is scheduled to begin a 10-episode run as a weekly lead-in to the final season of True Blood. Airing at 8:55 PM EST, the 40-minute documentary will air in 5-minute increments every Sunday night; the accumulation of these clips likely to be released as a package at a later date.

According to HBO's statement, all of the footage used in the series will come directly from the wildly successful Mrs. Carter Show, a tour named in honor of the singer's engagement to rapper Jay Z.

This summer, Mrs. Carter heads back on tour with Mr. Carter in tow. Titled the On The Run Tour, the collaborative concert series was recently reported to be suffering from poor sales. However, Forbes Magazine has refuted that claim with actual data proving On The Run may actually become the second most successful tour in the history of music, although falling far in the show of U2's incredible successful 360 Tour.

Tune into HBO next weekend to see "Beyoncé: X10" premiere. Tickets to the On The Run concert series are available here.