Could she be shooting the music video for her The Lion King single? Twenty-four hours after Beyoncé released "Spirit," a track featured on The Gift, a compilation she curated for The Lion King, the singer was spotted in the Grand Canyon with a film crew. TMZ reports that the superstar singer was tucked deep inside the stunning Havasu Falls with a minimal production crew. The outlet obtained far-away footage that showed Bey standing in front of a picturesque scene as the sun shone on a blue-green lagoon.

Beyoncé's pristine location is reportedly settled next to a Grand Canyon campsite that's one of the most coveted areas in the vast landscape. To get inside, guests are required to book well in advance as the Havasupai tribe that controls the area only allows 30 passes per day. While TMZ reports that thousands of disappointed visitors are rejected each day, Beyoncé was able to bend the rules for her one day shoot—by following the chain of command and obtaining the necessary paperwork, of course. 

This was a family event, as well, as Bey's seven-year-old daughter Blue Ivy accompanied her on the trip. The pair have been jet-setting as of late, considering that yesterday they walked the red carpet of the The Lion King premiere in Los Angeles. Although the film is set to be released to the masses next Friday, July 19, the reviews from the premiere suggest that this live-action remake pars well with, and arguably better than, the original.