The 2018 Met Gala was a sight to behold. This year, the theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, and celebrities dressed their best to show just how much of an influence Catholicism has on fashion. While some celebs went all out, such as Rihanna in her sexy rendition of the Pope, Olivia Munn in a chainmail dress with matching headpiece, Katy Perry's angel wings, Jaren Leto's Jesus interpretation, and Migos' sequin jackets by Versace, others decided to try a more subtle approach. Tom Brady and his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, looked stunning together in a simple yet elegant tuxedo and gown combination, Kerry Washington knocked the audience dead in a gold-sequined gown, and SZA meshed an elegant Versace gown with a standout headpiece to tackle both the subtle and dazzling approaches at the same time. 

Still, the star of the Met Gala emerged as Beyonce, who was not even in attendance. Bey opted out of this year's event, but fans couldn't help but imagine she was there. With the theme of Catholic Imagination in mind, onlookers believed that Bey showed up as the Holy Ghost. Of course, the Holy Ghost is invisible, which fit in with the Bey Met Gala myth perfectly.

Queen B does not even need to show up to make headlines. Now that's power.