It feels like whenever Beyoncé does anything, her fans think something major is going on. While she may not be as reclusive as somebody like Frank Ocean, Queen Bey is generally a secretive person when it comes to her personal life. She's tried hard to keep her twins out of the public eye and she's been successful, to an extent. Of course, Blue Ivy Carter is a show-stealer herself, charting her first song on the Billboard Hot 100 via an appearance on the Lion King soundtrack last month. The Beyhive consists of some of the most passionate stans you'll find on the internet and when they think something is happening, they spread the news like wildfire. This morning, Bey posted a series of new photos from her time in the Hamptons and in one of the shots, she covers up her midsection with her arms, leading some fans to reach and assume that the star is expecting a baby.

There has been absolutely no confirmation from the singer or her team regarding the oft-mentioned pregnancy rumors but if you leave it up to the fans, Beyoncé has been pregnant about a hundred times in the last year. One of the top comments on her new uploads is from a burger joint in Atlanta, who clearly wants to be the first to predict Bey's pregnancy. "We’ve been saying muva is pregnant.. she’s been dropping clues the entire album. Purple is royalty... simba (King) (son) .. the lions curled up like a fetus. There’s so much more but remember we said it," wrote the account.

Do you think Beyoncé is actually dropping hints or is her fanbase just practising wishful thinking?