It's a big day for card-carrying members of the Beyhive. After receiving the bootleg treatment, Beyoncé's critically-acclaimed sixth studio album Lemonade is getting its first official vinyl release. Naturally, it's not your average record.

The $300 Collector's Edition of the How To Make Lemonade box set has appeared on Bey's official store, and while the price tag may initially scare you, the contents are pretty ambitious.

The set includes a double vinyl pressing of the album, as well as a 600+ page coffee table book which includes "hundreds of never-before-seen photos from the making of LEMONADE, and shows the inspiration and themes behind some of the film’s most provocative and cryptic moments." The foreword comes from acclaimed scholar Michael Eric Dyson, while Warsan Shire, whose work can be heard in the Lemonade short film, contributes poetry.

All that and some beautiful packaging may make it hard for Bey stans to resist. The set is available for pre-order here. View some photos of the release below.