Beyoncé made history when she dropped her self-titled album out of thin air in 2013, which at the time seemed indicative of a sea change in the industry, but while many have attempted a clean surprise drop modeled after Bey's, few have been able to pull it off as elegantly.

Bey seems to have something else in mind with her follow-up's release, sharing the powerful single, "Formation," before performing it at the Super Bowl earlier this month, and topping it all off with the announcement of a World Tour. The album certainly feels imminent, and according to a report from HitsDailyDouble, it's currently set for an April release date.

The news doesn't include any insight into whether or not the release will be announced ahead of time, but it does suggest that there's still a possibility of a joint Jay Z and Beyoncé project sometime this year as well.

Of course, it's all rumors for now. We'll keep you updated if any further details emerge.

No matter what happens, we know Bey's tour will be a success, as it's already earned over $100 million. Did you manage to grab tickets?