Beyoncé has done it again. By "it," I don't only mean that she posted a picture on Instagram, but that she made our jaws drop by doing so. In accordance with her page's aesthetic, she delivered her latest set of photos in the form of a triplet. It's incredibly generous that Beyoncé - or her social media manager - has decided to provide us with various angles of her outfits because we need all the details when the queen rocks something. 

The new assortment of photos show Bey in a red, skintight dress that was covered in Swarovski crystals. The gown is from Maison d'Angelann's collection with the crystal company. In one of the shots, Beyoncé - always one to colour-coordinate and go all the way out - wears red, glittery sunglasses (that don't appear to enable vision). In another post, the Lemonade artist shared a video that alternates between two photos of herself and her husband, Jay-Z. She is seen giving a fishy face in both, but goes cross-eyed in the second. HOV, on the other hand, maintains blank expressions in both. He even indifferently looks off to the side in one shot, as if he isn't about to be featured on one of the most followed Instagram accounts. 

Beyoncé's dress in these photos is reminiscent of the sparkly yellow one she wore to Tyler Perry's studio launch recently