As some of you may remember, Beyoncé was scheduled to headline at last year's Coachella music festival in California, but tragically had to cancel due to her pregnancy with her twins. However, this year Beyoncé is back, and she's putting in the extra effort to make sure that she makes it up to the fans that were disappointed last year. 

According to TMZ, Beyoncé has been locking herself down in the studio, booking 11-hour days with dancers, choreographers, technicians and more. Additionally, the studio is being guarded by several security guards in order to ensure that no footage or unwanted leaks make their way outside before the performance. 

Supposedly Beyoncé's been planning this since last year when she was scheduled to perform it the first time, but hopefully she's taken some time this year to add to the event and bring it to the next level. With her fans having had to wait an entire year to see her at the festival, any kind of lackluster performance wouldn't cut it. 

Beyoncé wont be the only big name at Coachella this year, as The Weeknd and Eminem are also set to headline the other two days of the festival. Cardi B, who is also dealing with her own pregnancy rumors, is also slated to perform, so it's possible that we might get a repeat of last year. 

Who's going to see Beyoncé when she's performing in a few weeks? What do you think the show is going to be like? Let us know.