Beyoncé has always done numbers on Instagram, but since her incredible pregnancy photos, she's been steadily climbing in followers. Bey hit the 100 million mark this week, which follows her record-setting photo from February which earned 10.1 million likes, the most on a single post in IG history.

The promotion to the 9-figure range puts her among 5 accounts that have acquired 100+ million likes. Bey is currently the 5th most followed account on the platform.

1. Instagram: 221 Million
2. Selena Gomez: 118 Million
3. Ariana Grande: 103 Million
4. Taylor Swift: 101 Million
5. Beyoncé: 100 Million

Slightly below Bey are Cristiano Ronaldo (98 million), Kim Kardashian (98 Million), Kylie Jenner (92 million) and Justin Bieber (85 million). Seeing as Bey is the only person in the top 5 who follows 0 people, she's actually #1 when it comes to ratios. Since upgrading, Knowles posted a photo in which she reunited with her former group Destiny's Child at Kelly Rowland's Whoa, Baby! book signing, as well as some incredibly stylish maternity looks.

Beyoncé was unfortunately forced to opt out of her headlining slot at Coachella this year due to doctor's orders. If all had gone according to plan, she'd be performing this tonight, but will instead be replaced by Lady Gaga.