Is Blue Ivy Carter already a “cultural icon?” Wedding planner Veronica Morales says no. Morales and Beyoncé are currently in a trademark dispute over the name, “Blue Ivy,” according to Page Six.

Morales filed a trademark for the moniker back in 2012 for her event planning business which she started in 2009; however, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been attempting to trademark their daughter's name since her birth in 2012.

Beyoncé has claimed that a trademark for her daughter is more important because Blue Ivy is a “Cultural Icon.”

“[Morales’ claim] that consumers are likely to be confused between a boutique wedding event planning business and Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of two of the most famous performers in the world, is frivolous and should be refused in its entirety,” Beyoncé argued in court documents.

Morales has now responded to Beyoncé’s “Cultural Icon” statement by saying, “Beyoncé’s company is trying to skirt the law, and recently argued that the 7-year-old Blue Ivy Carter is a ‘cultural icon’ in the United States. According to Wikipedia, a cultural icon ‘is an artifact that is identified by members of a culture as representative of that culture,’ such as apple pie, baseball, and the United States Flag.”

The case is expected to go to trial.