Pranks are all fun and games until the police arrive. Jay Z and Beyoncé have homes all across the globe, but their illustrious house in the Hamptons became front-page news recently after it was reported that a stranger came calling at their door—kind of. The East Hampton Star reported on a story from local police about a possibly prank victim who just happened to stumble upon the Carter's family palace.

It was around 12:30 a.m. when a poor soul was standing in front of Bey and Jay's home on Briar Patch Road. The man pressed the driveway callbox which rang to the home's security, and when asked what he wanted, the man shared that he was looking for someone. According to the report, the man did name a specific person, but it has been redacted from the paperwork. The stranger insisted that he had been invited to the property, but security wasn't buying it and wouldn't let him in.

The suspicious guards promptly called the police and officers reportedly found the man just a few driveways down from Bey and Jay's crib. The police were able to identify the man because the security guards had provided them with a photo from their surveillance footage. Once again, the man shared that a friend of his invited him to the address but believes that the entire thing may have been a practical joke. It's unclear if that assumption was confirmed, but cops decided to give the man a ride to the train station, anyway. Why someone would randomly be invited to a Hamptons mansion in the wee hours of the morning could be anyone's guess, but if it was a prank, it was a tad lackluster.