When it comes to conspiracy theories, Beyoncé's rabid fanbase, better known as the Beyhive, are well-practiced. Leading up to her Coachella performance, they were able to put together clues to deem a Destiny's Child reunion would take place -- despite denial from Bey's team, it turned out to be true. Now, Bey's fans believe their goddess let them know exactly when to expect her new project with Jay-Z Everything Is Love, which was surprise-released Saturday night. A few Twitter users have posted photos which show the singer holding up 6 fingers, followed by 3 fingers. They've also calculated that the release date for the project (June 16th) falls exactly 63 days after April 14th, the date of Bey's first Coachella headlining set.

Is it all just a coincidence? Very likely, but then again, Beyoncé has proven herself to be someone who can keep big plans under wraps for extended periods of time. It's not out of the question that the album was planned to drop on June 16th all along. However, that would take the fun out of fan's theories that the release was an attempt to overtake Nasir, the new album from Jay-Z's longtime rival Nas (who he actually seems pretty cool with), which was produced by Kanye West (who neither Jay or Beyoncé seems all that cool with).

Check out the pictures above. Does the theory check out or has the Beyhive taken things a little too far this time?