Breaking Bad is one of the most critically acclaimed television shows of all time. Audiences and critics fell in love with Walter White and his honorable yet heartbreaking method of paying off his medical bills. After the series ended in 2013, AMC knew that it would be a smart move to continue the stories that existed in Walter's universe, even if he wasn't physically present on the screen. Better Call Saul launched just two years later, and now the spin-off series is heading into the fourth season. 

The new season of Better Call Saul promises to reunite Breaking Bad fans with a character from the series. Vince Gilligan, who created both shows, stated that, “There’s a very important character from the ‘Breaking Bad’ era that we’re going to meet this year." We hope it's Walter White. As anticipation builds for the series premiere, AMC is busy dropping promotional content. The latest trailer for Better Call Saul hit the internet on Monday, and it looks like Jimmy McGill, aka Saul Goodman, is ready to work his way back into law again. While Goodman makes his career moves, Gus Fring holds the life of a man in his hands and Mike Ehrmantraut digs deeper on a new job. Check out the trailer below and catch Better Call Saul when the fourth season premieres on August 6.