BET & Youtube have announced a partnership which will allow the network to make inroads on their web content. The most exciting thing emerging from that announcement seems to be news of a reboot for the fabled "Freestyle Friday" program from the early 2000s.

"Freestyle Friday" was a staple of BET programming. Every Friday two rappers would square off in a one on one battle format, the winner continuing their streak onto the next week much like in Jeopardy. The program was so popular at one point, even generating interest from A&Rs looking to recruit new talent.

This joint venture will employ the #FreestyleFridayBET hashtag. Hip hop amateurs will be able to use the hashtag to attract attention and thereby claim their spot on the show. The winners from these back-and-forths will be drawn into actual live competition. Tournaments will be held in select cities: 

New York. Friday, March 30
Toronto. Friday, April 27
London. Friday, May 18
Los Angeles. Friday, June 15

The official press release is available here. If you think you've got skills and you don't mind losing your religion, give it a shot.