Future and Young Thug took the internet, and by extension, the world, by surprise/storm with their little-advance-notice drop Super Slimey. The duo are an easy and almost obvious pairing. The two came up in the Atlanta music scene, alongside each other, while not in the exact same camps, their respective circles definitely overlapped. Both ATLiens, they drew from similar influences, but the results are still different: Future found his footing with his brusk auto-tune croon over woozy, space-like trap productions, while Young Thug adopted a squeaky cadence and a chameleon-like flow, bringing melody to the forefront. Both artists, though, are known for the sheer volume of their output. While Thug can definitely lay low when he wants to, we still know he's a workhorse in the studio, even if Alex Tumay didn't tell us directly, it's evident from the amount of leaks he's suffered yet still has, clearly, a lot more in the stash. Future hasn't suffered as many leaks, instead delivering directly to the fans, mixtape after mixtape, both commercial and non, culminating things finally with two back-to-back album releases in 2017. 

Young Thug and Future's Super Slimey is a blend of both of their worlds, a mix of Actavis and opioids, we even get a few solo offerings that lean more in the particular artist's direction-- Young Thug's "Killed Before" wouldn't sound out of place on his country album Beautiful Thugger Girls, while Future's "4 Da Gang" brings back a flute melody, as though it were a B-side to "Mask Off." Whatever the origin stories for these tracks (leftovers from their respective album studio sessions? Simply throwaways from years and years of Atlanta sessions?), two of the men responsible for bringing Atlanta to the forefront of hip-hop culture right now have joined forces. 

Both Future and Thug can deliver lyrics that range from hyperreal and revealing ("Real Love," for both rappers, seems like an emotional outing), to zany, to just making you want to a crack a smile. We ran through the album and picked out the best quotables. Take a look at these bite-sized lyrics that, whether or not you want to adopt them for social media purposes, are great regardless.

What's your favorite lyric?

"No Cap"

I lied when I said I love her / Backstabbed the bitch, like I'm Myer Michaels

- Young Thug


Check on Google, I'm out my noodle I feed shrimps to all my shooters

- Future 


Diamonds on me talkin', they harassin'

- Young Thug 

Between my diamonds and my fame, became so anxious

- Future 

"Cruise Ship"

I got 20 closets I could dress accordin' to the wave 

- Young Thug 

"Patek Water"

The diamonds are yellow today, you gotta ketchup, yeah

- Young Thug 

"Feed Me Dope"

I'm off the porch, I'm skippin' court / Skip to my lou, trapping a sport

- Future 


Ok fish butter, chicken cutter / Maserati, we get mozzarella 

"4 Da Gang"

I take the plastic off the seal a trillion miles away 

- Future 

"Mink Flow"

When it come to closing deals, I finger fuck currency

- Future 

"Killed Before"

On a yacht with blue water and blue cheese

- Young Thug