2015 has truly been a landmark year for hip-hop. There have been countless quality album releases from rappers all over, impressive music videos, and the emergence of a new crop of rappers. The ambition and attention to detail on this year’s releases, exemplified by their authoring emcees is indicative of a current renaissance in hip-hop.

With all the good LP listening, hip-hop fans are being spoiled with the impressive freestyles to surface this year as well. Legends and rising stars alike are providing brilliance off the dome, that rivals the passion project albums that have made headlines thus far in 2015. The content is coming through various platforms, but whether it be distributed over the radio via an appearance on Sway in the Morning or through weekly audio releases (like Fabolous’ Friday Night Freestyles), the results are straight fire. Since we’ve just surpassed the halfway mark and officially have the majority of 2015 in our rear view, let’s take a look at the fruitful year it has been thus far in freestyle rap.

Join us as we recognize the Best Freestyles of 2015 So Far.