Bad guys really make the story. Think about it. There would be little to no entertainment in any superhero movie if there was no conflict. A hero is only as great as his villain. They can't exist without their villains. Superman would be boring without Lex Luthor, Batman would be twiddling his thumbs without the Joker, and The Avengers would be pretty dull unless they had baddies like Thanos or Ultron to face. On the other side of the argument though, villains can exist without heroes. I would gladly watch an entire movie with the Joker running around Gotham causing mischief with no one to stop him. 

With comic book movies dominating at the box office this year, and Thanos sitting on top of that massive money haul, the spotlight on villains is bigger than ever. While Thanos may have been the most menacing comic villain we've seen on screen, he isn't the top bad guy. When opening up the comics that these beloved films are based on, there are entire catalogs of villains that have yet to be portrayed on screen. Even the ones that did make it to movies, such as Gren Goblin or Galactus, are much more dangerous and evil than the films imply. Using only the comics as a reference we have compiled a list of the best villains of all time. Marvel villains populate the list more than DC bad guys do, but don't sleep on criminals such as Lex Luthor or Doomsday. And while you may not be surprised with who made the list, their ranking might shock you. So without further adieu, here is our list of the best comic book villains of all time.