Buddies Bert and Ernie really wanted to explain to people how they first met, and there's really no better way than grabbing the popular theme song for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and adding their own spin to it. The Sesame Street characters are two of the most crucial acts of the children's show and who would have they thought they met outside a coffee shop. 

“On Sesame Street, born and raised. Learnin’ letters, numbers, singing’ sunny days,” Bert starts off singing. “Growin’ up, movin’, flyin’ the coop. Said bye-bye to my mommy, off to 1-2-3 stoop.” 

Bert the comes across Ernie outside a coffee shop/bodega and listens to advice his mother told him to just be kind. He says hello to Ernie, who can't hear him since he has a banana in his ear, but finally gets the welcome to sit down and play a game of chess. 

The rest is seemingly history from there, watch the video below.