The 2020 elections are coming up and political candidates are readying their promises to the people in hopes to win the race. Of the numerous candidates at hand, we have Bernie Sanders who is running once more for office. The Senator says he wants to have everyone's student loan debt erased via his plan. We would be looking at a total of roughly $1.6 trillion dollars in debt currently owed by more than 40 million Americans. And how would we possibly be able to erase such debt? It appears taxing Wall Street is the answer, according to Sanders. Bernie confirms that his plan will entail taxing hefty Wall Street transactions such as stock and bond trades based on reports by CBS News.

"All Americans will get the college education or job training they need while having all student debt forgiven,” Bernie tweeted. “We bailed out Wall Street in 2008. It’s time to tax Wall Street’s greed to help the American people," shared the presidential candidate. Sanders, however, would not be the only Democratic candidate making such a promise. A few months ago, Elizabeth Warren also announced her plan to forgive student loan debt for college graduates by adding a new annual tax on wealth above $50 million.