Berner Talks Wiz Khalifa Collabo Album, Making Smart Investments & More

Mitch Findlay
September 19, 2018 13:30

Berner drops some knowledge on self-investment, Wiz Khalifa, and keeping a certain sound alive.

While many rappers look toward entrepreneurship with a wistful spirit, Berner has long perfected the art of turning ambition to reality. Not only has Berner established himself as one of hip-hop's dominant barons, largely in part to his investments in the Cannabis industry, Berner has also managed to turn heads on the mic. His latest albumRico, featured some of the game's trusted legends, including Bone Thugs, DJ Quik, Cam'Ron, and more. We recently caught up with Berner to talk shop, where he opened up about his business moves, Rico, and more.

Speaking from experience, Berner emphasizes the importance of self-investment, specifically financing one's own projects. "You gotta put your own money into your own shit, otherwise you're not gonna see it through the way its supposed to be seen through," explains Berner. "I might put two hundred thousand into an album, and might not see it back for a while, but I don't really give a fuck. There's a certain sound missing in hip-hop right now, and we're just trying to keep it alive."

Upon recommending the independent route, Berner proceeds to talk about future plans with Kevin Gates. "He FaceTimed me the other day said it would be possible we would be doing a five song EP, just off pure vibe," says Berner. "That's how I always looked at music, it's about a vibe." He also opens up about his joint album with Wiz Khalifa, which has been, by his own admission, "done for a while." "I wanted to kind of build my shit and get it to where it needed to be," says Berner. Now that both their albums are out, and "kicking ass" for good measure, perhaps the time is nigh.

"My goal is to try to get that album out by October 27th," reveals Berner. For more from the rapper slash businessman, be sure to peep the full interview now. 

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