Berner Talks Growing Pains Of The Marijuana Business

Mitch Findlay
September 24, 2018 14:30

Berner's hustle has paid off, but it wasn't always smooth sailing.

Berner has proven himself a capable businessman, continuously working to expand his net worth through various investments. As it happens, the rapper has been deeply involved in the Marijuana game, and today, we've got him talking about some of the growing pains. 

While many aspiring investors have no doubt looked to the Cannabis industry with salacious eyes, Berner seems more than willing to piss on a parade or two. "A lot of people, if they got in now, would be late," says Berner. "But if you did try to get in right now, my only advice is don't put up your own money. Cause you late to the party, man. For real. This muthafucka is on and moving and out to Mars."

He proceeds to stroll down memory lane, reflecting on the first plant he ever grew. Like Jack of beanstalk fame, Berner's good fortune ultimately stemmed from planting a seed; one he got from a batch of Arizona bud, no less. While the plant ultimately failed, it certainly set him upon a path that has since proved fruitful. He also gets to reflecting on some of his unreleased strains, explaining the nuance behind sending a viable product to the market. 

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